The past is not yesterday, it is us

The past is not yesterday, it is us. Back to reconnect old wires broken over the years and unearthed from the land of time, we recognize our identical selves, just more tired and bruised, stronger, less stubborn. Returned are forgotten face…s. They recount happy days no longer remembered, they soothe the heart with their aged relevance: in spite of everything we are still here. We look in the mirror and for a moment we sense the children who we were, with curls on our heads our forearms dirty and asphalt-scratched. We were beautiful, with Super Santos soccer balls, skateboards and roller skates just landed from the New World, we dart under the arcades of joy consuming the childhood scent of violets and kid-sweat. Nothing has been lost, even though all may seem useless: schlepping it up, conquering the daily grind first hated and then relished, chalk-drawing the stages along the path to tomorrow. Each step a breath, every breath a joy, each night of respite a promise kept. Lovely to live, laugh and cry, dream and wake up to go back and try again, again and again. It does not matter if we’ll make it, if our dreams will die at dawn or in the high sunshine: we tried. And we’ll do it again, until our last breath. We who do not chase the power nor the money, not the pleasure but the beauty, not a career but love, here we are and will remain: to win our right to dream and live a different life, where things do not count but who you are and will continue to be. Torto (Trad. Brian Farrar)

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2 risposte a The past is not yesterday, it is us

  1. Mario Circello ha detto:

    Minchia! Lo scrivesti in ‘mericano…

    E mi spiegasse: come fa a capire chillo che scrivesti, un povero siciliano all’estero e per giunta di una certa età?


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